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  2006.03.10  22.37

Lovers, villains, foreigners and probably anyone else to whom it may concern, I proudly present 'The coup or the hedgehog' magazine, absurd, vulgar, brutal and shining. By joining the community where you see this post you declared yourself a thinking microcosm. What I want from you is to share its contents. Send anything that makes you feel creative to the moderators of the magazine, don't forget to mention your nom de plume and wait for the readers to spit on your beloved creation of art.


  2004.04.28  20.52

This community isn't active.

That's too bad, because I love this idea.


  2003.11.28  21.46

Does anyone want to play graphical Exquisite Corpse or Photoshop tennis with me? Yes, some of my work is on that last link.

Most of the sites for those things are not accepting new members, or the sites have just been totally abandoned, so I ask here because I'm bored.


  2003.11.24  16.29

I found this community through the interest "passing notes". I've always had an interest in reading the messages other people have left for the world to see and leaving my own. I've written on a few dollar bills-- directing them to the website of my favorite band, or just leaving a message. I'll definitely write some up with this community's address, too. Also, I hope to get some books from the library soon and perhaps leave notes in those. I found a piece of paper in a library book once. It seemed to be notes on the book's contents, but whatever, it was a note. :)

Also, I read about letting balloons with messages go on here. Am I the only one who thought immediately of "99 Red Balloons'? :) I love that song.

Mood: creative

  2003.10.05  12.23

this community hasnt had much activity lately.

i found this card, stuck in a lamp post, on my way to work. it is about 3.5"x2.5". i love finding things! it makes me happppppy!


  2003.06.04  01.33
The Dadaists

I kept forgetting to post about this, but here it is: The Dadaists, a new play written by Christian Jon Meoli and directed by Harris Mann will be opening on Friday, June 13th in Los Angeles.

June 13th - July 19th
Thu-Sat 08:00PM
Sun 07:00PM
$12 per ticket

The MET Theatre
1089 N. Oxford Ave.
Hollywood, CA, 90029

I can't guarantee its quality since I (obviously) haven't seen it yet, but it should be interesting. It's apparently based on the actual history/events of the movement.


  2003.06.01  22.18
Tristan Tzara: Sept manifestes Dada

In case any of you haven't read it (and would like to), I've posted Tzara's Seven Dada Manifestoes in its entirety.

  • introduction with a photograph of Tzara
  • 1. Manifesto of Mr. Antipyrine
  • 2. Dada Manifesto 1918
  • 3. Proclamation without Pretension
  • 4. Manifesto of mr. aa the anti-philosopher
  • 5. manifesto on feeble love and bitter love
  • supplement



      2003.05.09  15.51
    hello, my name is...

    has anyone heard of the weblog that chronicles the year a person wore one of those "hello, my name is..." sticker badges? i heard about it at the library today and was wondering if anyone had a link to it. thanks!


      2003.05.09  00.33

    This song fhqwhgads is so dada I thought I'd share it with everyone. Sorry if you've seen it before.

    Mood: busy

      2003.04.13  01.49
    "Crazy Guggenheim Had No Idea"

    On those nights we drank ourselves
    drunk on childrens playset
    teacup after teacup
    of fortified cathode spirits
    that further stimulated
    our brains already numbed
    by sodapop and candybar monkeys
    that rode our backs
    well into adulthood while
    we searched for new vices and devices
    high-tech smart bomb toys
    with even higher price tags
    more addictive than sugar, caffeine,
    idiot box, alcohol, weapons, religion,
    the armed services, daisy duke,
    who shot j.r. on the love boat
    (and why weren't charlie's angels
    there to save his ass)?, carvel's cookiepuss,
    soft drugs, hard drugs, smart drugs,
    gnc, starbucks, wal-mart afterhours,
    birks with socks, world wide web,
    american idol on temptation island,
    you get the idea, I'm sure, I'm sure
    there's more than meets the eye
    to these little transformers,
    these 'bots we dedicate entire blogs,
    this dedication goes out to you
    out of order, for staying that way.

    © David Alan Goldberg, 2003

    Mood: ecstatic

      2003.03.21  17.18



      2003.03.12  03.21
    rambalant musings

    Here's the game of exquisite corpse we played at The Gypsy tonight: exquisite corpseCollapse )

    Mood: artistic

      2003.03.02  04.15

    experimenting with gimp


      2003.02.20  12.52

    Check this out: http://www.cyberglass.co.uk/assets/Flash/psychic.swf trippy/cool!
    It's a mind-reading machine!


      2003.02.19  15.04

    i started a new community today for those who want to exchange art mail. this community, artmail, is dedicated to non-boring mail. since there are plenty of communities for mail exchange, the distinction artmail has will all mail sent will have to be handmade or from your creative pursuits (such as photography). i thought i'd invite the members of this community to join since i know many of you are interested in exchanging art through the mail.

    the community will be private and i will only approve of members who are known swappers and/or artists. for more information, please email me at latraviata@livejournal.com.

    this message will be crossposted to several communities. please excuse me as i go on a maintainer rampage for new members!


      2003.01.08  17.56

    Sometime ago I bought a ziploc bag of assorted religious items at a rummage sale. Most of it was really nice tacky plastic kitsch, but there was a small ceramic child-king Jesus that I didn't really care for. So I stuck it in my backpack and waited for a good opportunity to creatively dispose of it.

    Later, I was walking in the woods and came upon a cedar tree with some big niches in the trunk. Someone had chucked an empty bottle of liquor into one of them. I put Jesus in another.

    I went back there a week later. The liquor bottle had disappeared, but Jesus was still there.

    That was a month ago, and unfortunately I haven't been back since, so I don't know the fate of Jesus.


      2003.01.02  16.58
    happy new year!

    hello all! we've been quiet here lately. how are your random acts? i found a community here that i hope will insipre you. glamourbombs

    in the meantime, i found a note in a library book i checked out:

    From the Kitchen of Sheila Lenik

    Hi Roxy-

    Kathie called and said that Bruce has not received much mail since Bob's death. So if you have a minute, can you send him a note?

    Bruce Lisker
    #DZZ678-15.127L (note the ZZ could be 22- I'm not sure of this person's handwriting)
    P.O. Box 409000
    Ione, CA 95640

    Hope you are doing OK.

    Love, Sheila


    and also, if you have not heard, postcard x is back!


      2002.10.13  15.25
    Breakfast of Champions - Martyr Wars

    Just wanted to offer a read about a performance piece my friend from college was involved in:


    Note: if you are offended by either crucifixions or breakfast cereal, do not click the link.

    Mood: amused

      2002.08.18  00.06
    randomn acts of artness

    one day in school (college, squeaky clean college) i was in between classes pondering where to stick stickers and i got in t he elevator and someone had stuck one of those tiny sticker pictures of her and friends on the wall.

    it made me happy.

    it was like "hi here i am!"


      2002.08.15  18.04
    Found Art

    Today, when I was at the bank, I picked up a brochure. It would appear that a gaggle of teen girls got to it, and decided to have some fun with the thumbprint inkpad that is available for those that use that means of identification.


      2002.07.15  10.39

    about four years ago, me and a few other friends met at the local shopping centre to loiter about and maybe see a movie.

    we were in this crappy discount store - you know the ones that sell bad fridge magnets, ineffective exercise equipment and constructed toys and aromatherapy products constructed by chinese slaves............?

    anyways, i spied a matching vest/knickers set - lacy, pale blue and very girly - most especially when it came to size. And for some insane reason I was planning to go to a theme party as a fairy(!? - is this really my memory??), and anyway, the top half of the girls underwear set was perfect for this strange fairy look I was planning. So i bought the set, complete with a pair of knickers perfect for an anorexic 4 year old.

    me and my friends decided to go see a movie, so in we went. It must've been a crap or insignificant film because I cant remember what it was, but thats irrelevant. Anyway, a thought had come into my mind - what do I need with a pair of 4 year old's underwear??.. and i thought.. not much. not much at all.

    so after some giggles, we all decided that it would be amusing if we left the frilly knickers on the movie seats for the teenage cleaners to find and giggle over. so we did.

    I was reminded of this incident a little while ago. it made me laugh.

    when i get the chance, from now on, i'm going to leave underwear in strange places. i will try to avoid seedy/pervert type places like people's letterboxes. instead, the underwear placement has to be amusing. like on trees and in furniture stores.

    sometimes i think i'm insane.

    -the end


      2002.06.29  14.50

    Does anyone have any interest in a Balloon Release?

    I think I heard sometime back that these weren't good to do because birds and animals might be injured by getting tangled in the string, or trying to ingest deflated balloons. If this is so, then maybe this isn't such a hot idea.

    But when I was a little kid our church did one, everyone got a balloon and put their name and address on it. I think there was also a message about Jesus, but it was a church function. Now I might be inclined to put a few lines from HH the Dalai Lama on 'em. Anyway... my Mom actually got a response from her balloon. The woman who found it caught in a tree in her yard send a letter, and that was cool.

    What I'm thinking is could we set a date to release similar balloons with this journal's addie and see who responds? Maybe each of us could get one balloon and we all let them go on the same day. Let me know what you think!

    Mood: chipper

      2002.06.20  10.33

    Pathetic Geek Stories

    This is the kind of thing I love, but not when it turns out like that :/


      2002.06.13  02.09
    new call


    Mood: artistic

      2002.06.12  10.33
    The Bakery.

    The last post reminded me of something.

    One day at a bakery where a friend of mine was a cake decorator, I found a little slip of paper on the floor by the pastry display case. It read, "My mind went blank."


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